The Free Throw Project

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basketball_icon-orangeThe Free Throw Project

posted December 22, 2014.

We see a problem. We design a solution.

I am, we are all, concerned about the FT% in PFL Boston. League aggregate: 331/691 = 47.6%. Plenty of good players; plenty of bad free throw shooters.

Sort of embarrassing, right?

One team is 30/92 = 32.6% The Celts traded Rondo and he was shooting better than that (12/36 = 33.3%) We cannot and will not trade this entire PFL team.

Here’s the idea: make The PFL Garden available for an hour a couple of times a week for players to come in and shoot a hundred FTs. (If you want some guidance from a guy who can make 95/100 any time of day, that guy will be there and available.)

We’ll partner you up with someone and you’ll shoot 10 FTs and switch with your partner who will shoot 10 and you’ll each do that 10 times. That’s 100. We chart it. We do a Before; we do an After.

$5 gets you in the gym (covers the cost of the gym – nickel a FT – and the coach who is there and investing in the idea of the Free Throw Project) and gets you a ball and a hoop. You’ll get better. We’ll all get better. You are part of The Project.

Takes 20 minutes. 6 hoops x 2 players. We can get 36 players through in an hour.

Mix and match: Sundays, Noon-1pm; Mondays, 10-11pm

Here’s the catch: you gotta think you can do this at least 10 times (10 x 100 FTs) between now and the end of Spring PFL (mid-May). To get better you need repetition and practice. (PRACTICE!) To practice you need a hoop. We want to track players progress, chart the improvement. Here’s the other catch: we need 20 players involved to make it worth the while. I want to see if we can improve the FT shooting of PFL as a whole. I know we can do it. (Do it 2x/wk!!!)

The Free Throw Project. Be part of history.

You game?

Steve B