Your Soon-to-be Vastly Improved Shot Clinic (BOS)


Mondays. Beginning January 8, 2018 ** TOTALLY NEW!! **
(10 weeks: $220)
(*special pricing: $120 – if purchased as a second clinic this winter term along with a full-priced clinic – excluding PFL – this same term!)

You think you are a pretty good shooter, at least some of the time, right? Or maybe in moments of quiet reflection you say, “no, no, I am not a good shooter”. Whichever it is, we all know we could improve our shot and improving our shot, seeing the ball go through the hoop at a vastly higher percentage, hearing defenders call out “Shooter” when you have the ball and, lastly, having confidence, Larry Bird-like-confidence that when you shoot the ball you will make the shot, is all something we would welcome. In this clinic, through individual videotaped analysis (using a very cool slo-mo shooting app), through coach's feedback, through tweaking one or two things on your shot, through weekly drill work, through charting your shot in a variety of drills, your shot will improve. Come every week or most of the weeks and you will be a better and more confident shooter. Guar-an-teed! (Strictly limited to the first 18 enrollees!)
Kennedy School

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