Your New Offensive Game Clinic (BOS)


Mondays. April 8, 2019 ** TOTALLY NEW!! **
(9 weeks: $180)
(*special pricing: $100 – if purchased as a second clinic this spring term along with a full-priced clinic this same term!)

Serious about improving your game? You seriously need to play in this clinic. Things are changing in the game of basketball and we, as players, need to keep pace. EuroStep? Ya gotta have it. Harden slide step? It's a beautiful way to create separation between you and the defender. Years ago, players were taught to shoot layups off the “correct foot”, classic style. Righty layup? Jump off the left foot. Lefty layup? Off the right foot. These days, in our NTL clinics, when we get in layup lines we practice layups all sorts of different ways because in games, you never know what the situation will call for. We will drill all your moves and new moves relentlessly for 60 minutes each clinic then scrimmage and watch you dazzle defense for the last 30. Get ready to run. Get ready for your new game! Your new offensive game might even include how to travel, you know, take an extra step or two, and not get called for it! Now we're talkin'!(Strictly limited to the first 18 enrollees!)
Manny Cabral
Kennedy School

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