Ultimate Ballhandling/Shooting Clinic! (NYC)


Sundays beginning April 2, 2017
(10 weeks: $240)
(*special pricing: $120 – if purchased as a second clinic this term along with a full-priced clinic this same term!)

It is just plain fun to become wizardly with the ball or, at least, become more wizardly than you already are! There is some magic to individual basketball skills, sure, but more than anything it takes practice and repetition and guidance, coaxing, coaching to get you more of those awesome skills. Manipulating the ball, moving it with ease and without restriction gets you and your teammates shots. Half the practice time will be spent on refining that shot of yours. How's your balance, consistency of footwork, ball release and follow-through? Coach Fagan will hep you get it to where it can be. Soon you'll know the magic-like feeling of the net flying back up through the rim as your shot and ball swish through again and again. (“This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by The New York City Department of Education or The City of New York.”)

Steve Fagan
Greenwich Village School

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