Third Annual Parent/Kid Clinic! (BOS)


Session I, ages 7-11
Session II, ages 12 and up
Sundays beginning April 3, 2016
(10 weeks: $120; fee for kids only; one parent free)

Your kids are playing basketball and they are loving it and you are loving it that they are loving it but everyone would love it just a little more if the kids had a chance to learn the essential form and technique and free flow structure of the beautiful fundamentals of the game. You want them to appreciate the game and how it’s played when it’s played well, right? Using age and skill appropriate drills, contests and games (everyone wins!), your kids come away more basketball savvy. have an appreciation for the value of repetitive skill and drill work and the best part: the value of playing together as a team to make fun and great things happen. The coaching staff is very excited about this clinic! Girls and boys: ages 7-11 (Session I), ages 12 and up (Session II). Steve Bzomowski, Adam Pritchard

Session I, 3:45-4:45pm
Session II, 4:45-5:45pm
Fidelity House

Session I/$120.00
Session II/$120.00

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