Skills You Must Have Now! Clinic (BOS)


Mondays, September 19, 2022 ** TOTALLY NEW!!
(12 weeks: $290)
(*special pricing: $190- if purchased as a second clinic this same fall term along with a full-priced clinic this same fall term!)

We are all in the same basketball boat: you want the game, you are in the game, you either have to get some skills (somewhere fast!) or you need to advance your skills to do what you dream of doing. The tide may be high, the waves may crash, but you gotta put the ball on the deck over and over again, you gotta roll with the rough seas of development, and, matey, you need to listen to the coach and captain and do the drills! Ballhandling, ball handling moves (basketball is a game of deception!), shooting, shot fakes, the latest in movement and finishing the shot. Always the most enticing and entertaining of NTL clinics. Shiver me timbers, get out there and work on your game!
Manny Cabral
Kennedy School

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