Santa Barbara, CA (Fall) | Oct 18-20, 2024


It's the fall version of the spring California camp. If springtime is the playoffs and the Final Four, fall is training camp and a new beginning. NTL is nothing if not a new beginning. Every time you lace them up, every time you go play ball, NTL is telling you that you've got something new to try in your game. Face the fear of the left hand; take it strong to the hoop; stop-and-pop transition three. Your desire to play and get better, learn and do something new is slow but relentless progress, like every wave that comes to shore. Your summer has been good but hoop season is coming and NTL Santa Barbara says you are going to be ready!
recommended lodging (no Santa Barbara NTL Camp lodging provided!): Brisas del Mar – 223 Castillo Street, Santa Barbara, CA
Photos + Videos: “NTL Santa Barbara, CA Camp”

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Weekend Camp fees include: coaching, individualized videotaped shooting analysis and instruction, two lunches, NTL tee shirt, camp photo, camp award/prize plus written evaluation. BONUS: All out-of-town campers may drop-in on a limited number of NTL weekly practice sessions during the year in Boston, NYC, or SF when visiting.

Refund Policy: Camp registrations cancelled before thirty days prior to the camp are fully refundable (minus a $75 processing fee). Cancellations within thirty (30) days prior to camp are non-refundable. (Deposits for gyms, etc. are paid by then. In other words, your space has been reserved and paid for and is not refundable to us.) For a refund or other questions please call us at 1-888-NTL-HOOPS.