Play Forever League (BOS)


Wednesdays beginning June 28, 2023
Summer 2023 Play Forever League (PFL)
(9 weeks including Draft Day: $180)
(*special pricing: $140 – If you are (or will be) signed up for an NTL Summer Weekly Practice Program

Summer league basketball. All ballplayers let their games loose in the summer. The sweat is dripping; the game is fast; your shot is flying. PFL basketball is the best basketball! A league for players who want a no-hassle, well-organized, professionally run, totally fun and competitive basketball experience. Appropriate for high novice through low advanced men and women adult players. (If you are really good or, worse yet, think you are really good, this probably is not the league for you. Though we have plenty of good players, they manage to remain humble and honor the effort and desire of others.) Come to Draft Day (Wednesday, 06/28/23), show us what you got, or don't got, and we place you on a team. (But sign-up beforehand; the league always sells out.) Players can request 1 or 2 or 3 specific teammates; every effort is made to create teams of equal strength. Players receive numbered jerseys or shirts. We print full and accurate software generated NCAA-type box scores with field goals, free throws, three-pointers [made and attempted], rebs [off. and def.], assists, turnovers, blocks, steals, fouls and minutes played to distribute at game's end. Cumulative season's team and individual stats (example) are kept as well. Referee and electronic scoreboard. 6 regular season games and 2 post-season games for all six teams. Ball movement, team play, equal playing time, and competitive but sportsmanlike spirit are emphasized.

PFL Game Procedures
PFL Format and Rules
League Commissioner
Wednesdays, 6:30-9:15pm
Fidelity House, 25 Medford St., Arlington Ctr

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