Per-fect’ (v.) Your Shot Shooting Clinic (BOS)


Mondays, July 8, 2024 ** TOTALLY NEW AGAIN!!
(7 weeks: $220)
(*special pricing: $160- if purchased as a second (or third or fourth) clinic this same summer term along with a full-priced clinic this same summer term!)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ve all heard it, maybe even from me: “passing is more important than shooting”; “defense is more important than offense”; blah, blah, blah. There’s a hoop; here’s the ball. What do you do? Shoot it! It’s the fun! (Though a great assist or an awesome steal are pretty satisfying too.) But knocking down and shot, shooting with consistency, having someone yell “Shooter” when you catch the ball, that’s all good stuff, way high on the satisfaction scale. All great shooters work on theri erfect form or per-fect’-ing their form every day: balance, hand placement; release point; extension, etc. Let’s get this form right and do it in repetition to build confidence and identity as the shooter you nknow you can be!
Manny Cabral
Kennedy School

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