NTL Shoot! (Count it. Analyze it. Improve it.) (BOS)


Mondays. Beginning January 5
(10 weeks: $200)
(*special pricing: $100 – if purchased along with another like or higher priced clinic!)

Analytics, say hello to NTL! It has long been understood that to get better at shooting, you need to shoot. Get up shots. The old saw holds true: “the difference between a good shooter and a great shooter? About 250 shots a day.” We’ll your day is a Monday night, starting January 5. You will shoot copious numbers of shots from various spots on the floor, we’ll spreadsheet them, put them on a basketball shot chart, admire the progress like never before. Your greatest challenge will be to remain humble, to continue to relate to your family and friends as you did before, before you became a great shooter.

Steve Bzomowski
Kennedy School

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