Intermediate Team Play/Scrimmage Clinic (NYC)


Thursdays beginning February 3, 2022 for fully vaccinated and wear-a-mask players only
(12 weeks: $290)
(*special pricing: $200 – if purchased as a second clinic this term along with a full-priced clinic this same winter term!)

Back in the game! A smattering of drills followed by the coach throwing you in the pool and seeing how you swim. He'll blow the whistle and throw you a life jacket every time it seems you are drowning, or at least going under. You get the idea. Get better by doing. Everybody, meaning both teams, will be running the same offense (implemented and refined in the early weeks) all term. The goal is to identify skills and knowledge that is necessary for each player to perform more successfully within the team concept and to step back, again and again, week-after-week to work on those skills. Then the coach throws you in the pool again. I mean out on the court again. Game time!

Steve Fagan
Brooklyn Friends School

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