Intermediate Skills & Scrimmage II (NYC)


Wednesdays beginning January 4, 2017
(12 weeks: $280)
(*special pricing: $140 – if purchased as a second clinic this term along with a full-priced clinic this same term!!)

Ballhandling drills. Shooting drills. Game-like scrimmages. A workout. Feedback on form and technique. A supportive and competitive atmosphere where players play and respect one another's physical safety and emotional well-being. (We've all got lives when we leave the gym.) Play NTL to “get out of your comfort zone; try something new; find holes in your game and go back there over and over again. Make mistakes; it's the only way to get better. (“This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by The New York City Department of Education or The City of New York.”)

Steve Fagan
Bishop Ford High School

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