Intermediate+ Skills & Scrimmage Clinic (BOS)


Sundays beginning January 7, 2024
(12 Jan-Mar weeks!: $330)

(* special pricing option $230 – If purchased as a second NTL weekly practice program along with a full-priced clinic this same winter term.)

NTL Sunday basketball clinics are back and leaves-changing-color hoops, when schools open and pro leagues start and basketball interest hits high gear, you move your game to a whole new level (again). A little time on the court on a Sunday morning before the weekend wanes, time to get a ball in your hands, get your conditioning back, your skills tuned, your shot all net. Worship the game and the fact you are out there. A great blend of really good focused hoops, a Sunday morning sweat, and plenty of hoop friends there to share the spotlight.

Manny Cabral
Kennedy School, Somerville

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