Intermediate Plus Skills & Scrimmage Clinic (BOS)


Sundays beginning September 9, 2018
(12 weeks: $240)

(*special pricing: $140 – if purchased as a second clinic this fall term along with a full-priced clinic – excluding PFL – this same term!)
NTL's Skills & Scrimmage clinics are the the practice sessions that come closest to mirroring what happens at a college basketball practice (minus the maniacal coach). Individual skills needs are assessed and addressed through drillwork and feedback and instruction from the coach. It's intended to be sequential and developmental, building on skills from week to week. Scrimmages are extensions of the drills: the idea is to implement what you worked on in the drills in the scrimmages. Try something new. Fail and try again. I mean failing at something is a great way to learn. We love it when things go wrong: it means players are trying something new and if they try enough, they'll gain a new skill. (How's that lefthand dribble move coming along? We are ready for you.)

Todd Holden
Kennedy School

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