Going One-on-One to Assist or Score (BOS)


Mondays. Beginning July 11, 2016 ** TOTALLY NEW!! **
(8 weeks: $160)
(*special pricing: $80 – if purchased as a second clinic along with a full-priced clinic!)

The skills to go one-on-one are what breaks down another team's defense. Ballhandling moves, shot fakes and ball fakes, knowing the angles, knowing where you want to go with the ball. But once you break down the “d”, now what? If defense comes from another player, you dish, you assist, you give the ball to a teammate to let them score an easy basket. We will also cover how to move to an open spot for your one-on-one star teammate to find you. Takes two to tango. Takes two to assist and score!

Manny Cabral
Kennedy School

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