Game Shots = Shots You Practice Clinic (NYC)


Sundays beginning April 5, 2020
(10 weeks: $250)
(*special pricing: $150 – if purchased as a second clinic this term along with a full-priced clinic this same spring term!)
Though making it up as you go along can be fun, if you are trying to make shots in a game of basketball, do as the pros do: shoot the shots you practice. The first time you sat down to play a piano piece? The first time you got behind the wheel of a car? The first time you skied down  a black diamond trail? Right, practice your performance piece. Catch and shoot. One dribble, right, shot. One dribble left, shot. Righty layup on the break. Lefty layup on the break. Wrong foot layup through traffic. Step through righty scoop left side of the rim. Other side of the rim. reverse layup. Corner three! Free throw! That’s a lot to practice. Best get out there now!
(“This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by The New York City Department of Education or The City of New York.”)

Steve Fagan
Greenwich Village School

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