Foundational Shooting Clinic! (NYC)


Sundays beginning Sept 8, 2019
(12 weeks: $280)
(*special pricing: $180 – if purchased as a second clinic this term along with a full-priced clinic this same fall term!)
Elite runners stretch, do warmup runs, high legs kicks, etc. to prepare for their races and runs. Pro golfers go to the practice tees (driving range) and start out with their short irons, move to the mid-irons and then the woods and drivers last. College and pro basketball players follow the same sort of routine and thinking: they start in close, sometimes even without a ball, get their form right, gradually moving out after finding rhythm and success, and finish at the limit of their range, three pointers or long three pointers. We, as recreational players, should do the same. Don’t just walk out onto a court and start hoisting up threes and see if it’s your day. Do what the pros do: build your shot. Every time you walk onto a court build the foundation for your shot. In this clinic we will do just that: develop and follow a routine that fits for you so that you can have your best chance at having a great day of shooting the basketball every day you play. You will shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot the basketball, ground up to the top of your game!
(“This activity is not sponsored or endorsed by The New York City Department of Education or The City of New York.”)

Steve Fagan
Greenwich Village School

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