Form Shooting/Game Shots Shooting Clinic (BOS)


Mondays, September 18, 2023 ** TOTALLY NEW AGAIN!!
(12 weeks: $320)
(*special pricing: $220- if purchased as a second clinic this same fall term along with a full-priced clinic this same fall term!)

Everybody likes to shoot the ball. Everybody likes seeing the ball go through the basket after they’ve shot it. Every player who takes the game seriously (or semi-seriously) learns and practices and refines and practices, practices, practices form shooting. Even pros. Or especially pros. When they’ve got the best idea of the best variation of their shot, they practice the shots that are mostly likely to present themselves in the games they play: layup with someone chasing (righty, lefty); catch and shoot wide open jumper; pull-up jumper; did someone say “floater”? Three pointer? Bang! Welcome to the quintessential NTL skills clinic. Every pro starts every day the same. Here’s your chance to play the way the pros play.
Manny Cabral
Kennedy School

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