Fifty (50) Little (Big) Things to Better Basketball (+ Scrimmage) (NYC)


Beginning January 4
(10 competitive weeks: $240)
(*special pricing: $120 – if purchased along with another like or higher priced clinic!)

5 new tips each week (with short video demonstration archived on the NTL Youtube Channel each week) that will set you apart from the basketball rabble. (10 weeks x 5 tips = 50 big/little tips.) Examples: angle of the feet while dribbling through the legs; weakside offensive rebounding strategy; what to do after a basket cut (and 47 more!). We will conclude each session with a robust scrimmage during which we will seek to employ the new tips, tips that will help turn the score your team’s way.
(All registrants receive a free NTL t-shirt and NTL reversible scrimmage jersey!!)

Steve Fagan
8:00am-9:30am first 5 weeks
St. Francis College
9:00am-10:30am second 5 weeks
Greenwich Village School

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