Creating Shots For Yourself and Your Teammates Clinic (BOS)


Mondays. April 2, 2018 ** TOTALLY NEW!! **
(10 weeks: $220)
(*special pricing: $120 – if purchased as a second clinic this winter term along with a full-priced clinic – excluding PFL – this same term!)

Defense wins championships but putting the ball in the basket is why most everyone walks onto the court in the first place. Shots come because you either created for yourself via the dribble or shots fakes or movement off the ball or someone else created the opportunity for you by engaging your defender. Both are awesome and both take practice. Where should you go in transition? How should you set up your defender on screens? How do you attack the defense off the dribble? When you go by your defender and draw extra defenders, how do you find your teammates for scores (and assists for you)? This is the essence of the game. Sunday mornings just keep getting better and better. (Strictly limited to the first 18 enrollees!)
Kennedy School

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