Better Basketball Basics Clinic (BOS)


Sundays beginning April 28, 2019
(8 weeks: $160)
(*special pricing: $100 – if purchased as a second clinic this spring term along with a full-priced clinic – excluding PFL – this same term!)*NEW

This is where it all began for Never Too Late Basketball 27 years ago. An enthusiastic and energized group of players eager to learn and drill the basics, readying themselves to play the game! It's all about technique and the fundamentals: dribbling; shooting form; wrong foot (all the rage these days) layups and classic form layups; defensive positioning; offensive positioning (where and when to go where it is most helpful for your team); fast break situations; rebounding. All the little things (and big things!) you need to improve and move to the next level. It's a workout! It's an education! It's a great way to spend 90 minutes on a Sunday morning!
Derek Retos (Tufts University ass't men's coach)
Kennedy School

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