Beginner-ish Basketball Basics (NYC)


Thursdays beginning July 11, 2019
7 weeks: $210 (*special 2 hour program)

Basics are basics and everyone needs them but this clinic is pointed to those who see themselves as others may see them: as beginners (raw but oozing with potential!). 1) Learn and practice to dribble without looking at (or losing) the ball. 2) get a strong sense of where and how to play defense whether you are guarding the person with the ball or without the ball. D-E-F-E-N-S-E! 3) Layups. You gotta get the rhythm of the layup down. You don’t want to blow your layups! 4) Passing. Be a strong passer. People LOVE to play with good passers! 5) Shooting form. This is where THAT becomes part of who you are. 6) Where to go and when to go there when your team has the ball. Screening. Pick & Roll. Fast breaks and “numbers” situations. Rebounding. 5 on 5 fall court scrimmage play the last 1/3 of each session. All around awesomeness awaits you!

Steve Fagan
Brooklyn Friends School
St Francis College

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