Beautiful Basketball Basics (NYC)


Mondays beginning February 5, 2024
(8 NEW weeks: $220)
(*special pricing: $160 – if purchased as a second clinic this term along with a full-priced clinic this same winter term!)

Your beautiful basketball basics are ready to bust out. NTL NYC has a great new gleaming gym and you need a gym like that to grab some new skills. Basketball is beautiful because it’s learned skill on top of learned skill all done in concert with others, aka your teammates. Better yet you can make the thing work and work beautifully in a pick up game here and there as you go through life with what you learn here and with people you’ve never met before. But here at NTL, you’ll practice with players who are after the same thing as you: a workout in a supportive collegial setting. Ballhandling, shooting, defense, team play and team play situations (like where to go and when to go there); drills, skills, constructive genuine and affable instruction from an NTL Hall of Fame coach, Steve Fagan. Right there at the German School of Brooklyn. Ja!!!

Steve Fagan
German School of Brooklyn

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