Beautiful Basics Skills & Scrimmage (NYC)


Mondays beginning September 11, 2023
9 weeks: $280)
(*special pricing: $210 – if purchased as a second clinic this term along with a full-priced clinic this same fall term!!)

Back in Brooklyn at maybe the best gym NTL has ever had. Back playing the basketball and back to the basics! The Brazilians call their brand of soccer, “The Beautiful Game”. Here at NTL, we call the process of studying, practicing, eating/sleeping/fully assimilating into bone marrow the fundamentals of basketball, “The Beautiful Basics”. On Wednesday evenings in the West Village join Hall of Fame NTL Coach Steve Fagan in drilling the things that will have you worshipping the game (and get a great sweat while doing it!). Program is intended to include beginners and not exclude players who come in with some decent basketball experience. Will always include drills and information necessary to the beginner player (“Beautiful Basics”) while striving to re-emphasize and re-focus on fundamentals for experienced players.

Steve Fagan
NYU Brooklyn Athletic Facility

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