Be a Threat to Score Shooting Clinic (BOS)


Mondays. July 8, 2019 ** TOTALLY NEW!!
(7 weeks: $140)
(*special pricing: $90 – if purchased as a second clinic this spring term along with a full-priced clinic this same term!)

I first saw Coach Derek Retos while I was conducting a one-on-one shooting lesson. Derek was down at the end of the other of the gym doing a shooting workout by himself. As I was rebounding and passing the ball and giving reminders to the person I was working with, I kept an eye on the workout Derek was doing. He'd spin the ball out, square up, jab and move, hesitate and shoot, stare down, ball fake one-dribble right one-dribble left. He'd throw a series of moves and finish with all sorts of on-balance, perfect form shots. Many of his shots were from three-point range; many weren't. What impressed me was his readiness every time the ball came back to him, his readiness that in a game says he's “a threat to score”. Plus he almost never missed!!! Being a threat means more than just making shots. It means putting the defense on guard so that you can take advantage of what they give you. Be a Threat! Be a Shooter! Be a Scorer! An exciting new NTL summer offering! (Strictly limited to the first 18 enrollees!)
Derek Retos
Kennedy School

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