Basketball Conditioning Clinic (and Scrimmage) (BOS)


Thursdays beginning July 11, 2019
(7 weeks: $140)

(*special pricing: $90 – if purchased as a second clinic this summer term along with a full-priced clinic – excluding PFL – this same term!)
We are resurrecting one of the greatest, most creative and inventive basketball clinics NTL (or any basketball program) has ever offered: the Basketball Conditioning Clinic (and Scrimmage). Not offered in many years but still spoken of with only the deepest reverence, players recall the speed and endurance and strength and agility they gained by going through this intense and super fun-filled clinic. Ever dribbled a medicine ball? How about two of them at once? Arm strength! Ever do pushups balanced on two basketballs? (Me either!) Balance, coordination! (Fingertips, and forearms and tricep strength!) Sit-ups while dribbling? Dribbling races from station-to-station where you will perform various skills (running stairs while dribbling, par exemple) and doing Mikan Drills and elbow jumpers followed by layups all while on the clock (scoreboard)! And, believe me, A WHOLE LOT MORE! Whoa! Sign me up! Do not miss this clinic. Fame, fortune and fitness are sure to follow!

Lauren Battista (Tufts University women’s basketball ass’t)

Kennedy School

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