Ballhandling Drills to Change Your Game (BOS)


Mondays. Beginning April 11, 2016 ** TOTALLY NEW!! **
(8 competitive weeks: $160)
(*special pricing: $80 – if purchased as a second clinic along with a full-priced clinic!)

Think of it: an hour+ of focussed dribbling and ball handling moves to challenge you and change the way you play (+ 30 minutes scrimmage). Dribbling is about going places on the basketball court when you have the ball and going-by defenders. Having the ball in your hands should never be an impediment; instead, make it a tool to get you and your teammates better opportunities to score. Come once a week and be ready to practice and do things you never dreamed you (or anyone else) could ever do with a ball. Be a wizard. You’re not a wizard? Be a wizard! Close your eyes and see yourself going up court, full speed, two basketballs, through the legs, behind the back, inside-out, changing speeds, challenging longhand beliefs.. We’ll be so good, we’ll take this show on the road. SuperFun!

Steve Bzomowski
Kennedy School

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