17 Defensive Tricks and How to Score Off Them (BOS)


Thursdays beginning July 6, 2017
(8 weeks: $160)
(*special pricing: $100 – if purchased as a second clinic this summer term along with a full-priced clinic this same term!)

Perhaps the most dynamic and all-inclusive skills’ clinic we have ever offered. Coach Barnosky has catalogued 17 defensive tricks that great players use to get the ball and, best yet, she will coach you on how to turn those defensive steals and forced turnovers into baskets! In the passing lane, stripping drivers, closing out (and 14 more). On the offensive end there will be two-on-ones, pull-up threes, going hard at the defender in one-on-ones! This is the sort of exciting basketball practice and basketball skills that can transform anyone’s game!

Kate Barnosky
Kennedy School

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