PFL Procedural Points

  • A Waiver of Liability form must be read, agreed to, and signed by each player, each season, before he or she can participate.
  • It should be the goal of each individual and each team to see that the game is played as a “team” game, and that every player is as involved as much as possible both on offense and defense.
  • All players on a team should play nearly an equal amount of time. It is up to each team to figure out how that happens. The better or more experienced players should learn to be on the bench at the end of games.
  • Zone defenses are illegal in the PFL (Even though zones are now played on every level of organized play, players on these teams are coached in how to play zones and how to attack zones. In recreational basketball with recreational basketball players, zone defenses, even poorly played zone defenses confuse offenses and put the offenses at a disadvantage and, further, make for bad basketball. Recreational zone defenses are lazy defenses. Get out there and guard someone.)
  • Visiting teams are listed first on the schedule and should wear a blue (royal, navy, Royal Navy, midnight blue, double-stitched hem) or red PFL game jersey. Home teams are listed second and should wear white. (Example: Knicks vs. Lakers; Knicks would wear blue, Lakers wear white!) Players who do not have their games jerseys will be assessed a two shot technical foul to be taken by the opposing team before the game begins. The opposing team also gets the ball. (“Oh man, I had it, it was like right there and I walked out without it.”) Home team (white) sits on the bench to the left of the scorer’s table (facing the court).
  • If a time-out is called when a player is to be shooting a free throw or free throws, the clock will start again when the ball is given to the player for the last free throw. (Unless it is within the last two minutes of either half, in which case the clock will remain stopped).
  • When substituting, please report to the scorer’s table and tell the scorekeeper that you will be substituting. If there is any wait involved, it is a matter of protocol to kneel or sit on the floor near the corner of the scorer’s table. This allows the scorekeeper an unobstructed view. Wait, PLEASE WAIT, for the referee to whistle you in.
  • If a foul is called on you, please raise your hand so the scorekeeper can properly identify upon whom the foul was called.
  • If you are waiting for the next game, or not waiting for the next game, or have no idea why you are there, please still refrain from dribbling or shooting or messing around with basketballs while a game is in progress.
  • If you bring a child to the game, please make sure that the child is supervised and not able to run out onto the floor, thereby risking injury.
  • Please remove all jewelry before the start of the game.
  • Visiting team decides at which basket to warm-up. That will be the basket at which the visiting team will shoot for the first half. Switch hoops for the second half. (Typically, the visiting team will choose the basket furthest from their bench in the first half, so as to shoot in front of their bench for the second half.)
  • Talking to players on the other team is considered taunting and taunting will get you a technical foul. Saying things like “let her shoot” is un-sportsmanlike and will be discouraged. If you want to let her shoot, discuss it in your time-outs or team huddles. (I hope she scores thirty on you!)
  • Any foul, or anything that looks like a foul in a breakaway situation, is a technical foul. Do not touch anyone who is ahead of you, jumping off the floor and shooting a lay-up. It puts the shooter in too precarious a position for us to bother with risking serious injury.
  • Most importantly, work at making sure that your teammates are having fun and that your team has its best opportunity to improve as a team, even if your record never shows it.


updated December 7, 2023

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