PFL Format (The Summner Season)

Format and Particulars

* Six team mixed women’s and men’s league

* Game dates and times – Thursday evenings: 6:30, 7:25, 8:20pm games. Season begins 06/20/24 (Draft Day). Games begin 06/27/24. Season ends 08/21/24.

Each team plays six regular season games followed by two playoff Thursdays: total of 9 weeks of basketball (incl. Draft Day). All teams play 2 games in playoffs (including losers’ bracket).

* Teams will be formed by the League Commissioner with welcome input from all individuals. Every effort will be made to create teams of equal strength.

* The cost is $250. Nine players per team.

* All games are at the Kennedy School gym (5 Cherry St., Somerville)

Never Too Late Basketball Camps, Inc. will provide:

* Scorebook, scorekeeper plus electronic scoreboard, referee and full NCAA style box score immediately following game. Full cumulative individual, team and league stats (mins, pts, assists, FG made and taken, 3pters made and taken, FTs made and taken; off/def rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, TURNOVERS along with league leaders in fun categories) posted to Play Forever League the following week.

* Numbered reversible PFL game jerseys for those not already in possession of one. $30 for replacement jersey, so hang onto yours.


  • 20 minute running time halves
  • Stop time last two minutes of each half
  • Clock stops in the last minute of the second half and all overtimes after a made basket
  • One full time-outs plus one thirty-second time-out each half (no carry-over allowed); at the discretion of the game officials
  • Eight (8) seconds to cross halfcourt line
  • Seventh team foul in half results in bonus one-and-one FTs; ten fouls results in two bonus FTs; 2nd team foul in last two minutes of game results in bonus one-and-one FTs
  • Five personal fouls disqualifies a player
  • Technical fouls count as personals. Two technicals result in game expulsion and mandatory one game suspension.
    Breakaway fouls count as an automatic technical.
    Players not wearing their PFL game jersey are assessed a technical. Opposing team shoots two FTs and gets possession to begin game.
    All games begin on-time; five players needed to begin a game (unless opposing team agrees to play against four)
    Any unsportsmanlike conduct (abusive language, excessive physical contact, verbal or physical intimidation) will not be tolerated.
    The League Commissioner reserves the right to amend the rules, resolve disputes and shamelessly rule in favor of those who seek to meet the objectives outlined below

League Objective: To provide players an opportunity to play the game in a fun, encouraging, positive, yet competitive and challenging environment. Team play, playing under control, playing to improve skills, playing for pure enjoyment and honest competition, and to acknowledge the sportsmanlike efforts of others should be the goal of each team and each individual player.

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