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Never Too Late® Basketball was formed in 1992 by Steve Bzomowski, former assistant basketball coach at Harvard University and NBA scout.

Since then thousands of beginning, novice, intermediate, and advanced level recreational adult players, men and women, from more than a dozen countries, plus aspiring professionals (and kids in the Parent/Kid clinics), have taken part in Never Too Late® Basketball instructional programs.

Our specialty is assessing players’ abilities, introducing them to new and improved and updated skills through drills and evaluation, all the while providing feedback and instruction.

Never Too Late® Basketball offers:

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“I never went out for basketball when I was in high school and it’s probably the thing I regretted the most…until now. I’ve been taking the intro class in Brooklyn for a few years and it’s everything I wanted in that high school team (minus the away games in the dead of winter). It’s drills and skills and a scrimmage at the end where you can break a nice sweat and try out all your new moves. Steve Fagan is great… very funny, encouraging, and astute. Thanks to him, my shot has improved (finally), I feel more confident handling the ball, and I’m starting to understand the strategy of the game, which makes it immensely more fun. There are a couple of repeat players from session to session so it’s very supportive and we’re able to see our progress from session to session.”
Sue, 29 - Creative Media Story Gatherer


We have coached players from 18 to 88 years of age with a wide range of skills and experience. Players new to the game; players who have played a fair amount but never received great coaching (or any coaching); and players who played in high school or college and like being in a structured coached environment with like-minded players all come to the NTL camps and clinics. We work with players who want to get more game.


We seek to provide the highest quality basketball training, instruction, guidance and coaching for adult players in a supportive, inclusive environment. We believe in, and never waver from, the unifying aspect of the TEAM part of basketball. Never is it more apparent that people working together accomplish so much more than when basketball, or any team sport, is played the right way. You bring your desire and spirit; we add knowledge and insight. Together we build a community of athletes of all ages with common goals and values.

Not sure of your basketball “level”? Check out our self-assessment guide and sign up for the programs that are best suited to you!


“Steve had us attempting all sorts of drills: fingertip dribbling exercises, passing drills, running and looking up while dribbling, hop/skipping and dribbling, “ballet” steps in preparation for taking a layup properly, etc. etc. etc. It’s very satisfying when you acquire actual basketball skills. One thing I can say about Steve . . . extremely high degree of skill as a teacher . . . relentless, in a good way . . . also has quite the sense of humor. Can’t recommend this class enough to anyone who loves basketball and would like to get back into it or learn it as a beginner. Steve is an awesome instructor.”
Tom., 47 - Business Communications Consultant


They’ve been there. They’ve hooped NTL. Here’s what they’ve learned and have to say:
The Washington Post logoRebound For Glory: They shoot. They Score. At Hoops Camp, That’s the Point. by John Rosenthal

Some of the… techniques I learned at the camp suddenly found their way into my game. I don’t know who was more surprised, me or the other players who were accustomed to watching me miss layups or stealing the ball from me…
Sports Illustrator logoIf You Gotta Have Hoops… Finally, basketball camp is not just for lucky kids by Jay Jennings

I faked my man all the way to the Appalachian Trail, then tossed in a jumper that was all net. That ragged Friday night pickup game seemed light-years away.
“When I started with NTL, I didn’t know how to box out, couldn’t pass, shot freethows like Shaq, couldn’t really dribble without looking (especially left handed), and had never even tried to make a layup. Seriously – I am not exagerating! Now, I can cross over dribble and use both hands with confidence, drive to the basket, and make jumpshots with regularity. Last night in a pickup game I drove for a layup, had several assists, and boxed my man out so well that he (the top rebounder in the prior game) didn’t pull down a single rebound. NTL has improved my game too much to quantify. Coach Reid especially brings so much knowledge and experience to the program, having been an NBA player and NCAA coach for a lot of years. Though professionally he coaches really talented players, he still really seems honestly to love working with average folks and helping them improve. He’s always positive, and makes the practices a great workout and a lot of fun.”
Joe., 32 - Musician/Attorney
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Weekend Camps

4 locations, 5 weekend camps!

Santa Barbara Weekend Basketball Camp

Santa Barbara, CA (Spring)

April 12-14, 2024

NTL Santa Barbara Weekend Camp. What do you get yourself into when you come to the NTL camp in Santa Barbara? There is venerable Robertson Gym on the campus of UCSB, right where the Lakers’ dynasty of the 80’s Read More…

Lakeside Michigan Weekend Basketball Camp

Lakeside, MI

April 26-28, 2024

NTL Lakeside MI Weekend Camp. On the shores of Lake Michigan we bring you the NTL Weekend Camp where WE GET IT DONE! People ask all the time about the differences in the camps. NTL Lakeside has always struck us as the Read More…

$550.00$795.00Select options

Portland Oregon Basketball Camp

Portland, OR

July 26-28, 2024

NTL Portland, OR Weekend Camp. If you love basketball, you will love it here. If you love someone who loves basketball, send them or better yet, bring them to Gresham/Troutdale this year. State of the art gym. Read More…

Santa Barbara Weekend Basketball Camp

Santa Barbara, CA (Fall)

October 18-20, 2024

It’s the fall version of the spring California camp. If springtime is the playoffs and the Final Four, fall is training camp and a new beginning. NTL is nothing if not a new beginning. Every time you lace them Read More…

Sheffield, MA Weekend Basketball Camp

Sheffield, MA (Berkshires)

November 8-10, 2024

NTL Sheffield 2022 rocked the house. Another sold-out camp with players from 12 states and D.C. practiced and played hard. The highlights? Definitely the individual videotaped Read More…

$650.00$995.00Select options

Weekly Practice Programs

Play Better, Play Forever

Weekly Practice Adult Baketball Boston MA


Skills: Shooting (including videotaped analysis), ballhandling, post moves, team offense and defense (where to go and when to go there) for all experience levels in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and Arlington. Get more game!

Weekly Practice Adult Basketball New York City

New York City

Skills and scrimmage clinics, shooting clinics and coached scrimmages from beginner through advanced in Greenwich Village and downtown Brooklyn. Deluxe coaching! NTL, New York City style!

Weekly Practice Adult Basketball Chicago


Coming Soon

Weekly Practice Adult Basketball San Francisco

San Francisco

Skills, skills and more skills from basic fundamentals to advanced technique, from footwork to spacing to roll and replace. Coaches will guide and instruct and give feedback and insist that you try new things, make mistakes and expand your game, one dribble, one shot and one defense stop at a time.



Timeout! NTL Players

See what these players have to say about their camp experiences

. "When I get home from an evening of NTL, both my body and my brain ache -- and that's why I love it! NTL gives me a great work-out, but also makes me think. The coaches are helping me develop an appreciation for the beauty of the game, guiding me in breaking old habits and adding news skills, and that's helping me be way more involved and productive on the court." - Aron, 36 - Jamaica Plain (Boston) -


Get More Game

Recreational level adult basketball players don’t practice (much). Those that do, get better. Those that don’t, well, they complain that they don’t have the time. I’m here to say they (you) do. You walk onto a court, right? It’s before everyone gets there (“how many we got? Seven”) or between games or after. It’s like […]
Author: Steve Bzomowski
Posted: October 23, 2018, 2:26 pm
I posted this on our Never Too Late Basketball Facebook Page yesterday and am still thinking about it, wondering if players and/or coaches have any thoughts or comments. Friday night, March 24, 2017, Madison Square Garden, Round of 16: the scenario was Wisconsin just took a two point lead on two very clutch free throws […]
Author: Steve Bzomowski
Posted: March 26, 2017, 5:49 pm
Please, never call out the name of the player you are passing to even if things have transpired in a way that you had not expected: meaning they aren’t looking and the pass that you have thrown is on its way. It’s embarrassing to do so. It means that you and he or she were […]
Author: Steve Bzomowski
Posted: March 23, 2017, 5:53 pm
Basket Interruptus is the Latin term for the shot that for all the world looks like it is going to be counted as two points, or three, but rattles an almost interminable number of times inside the rim and then pops out. So disappointing; so deflating. Since the beginning of time, I have been telling […]
Author: Steve Bzomowski
Posted: November 17, 2016, 3:42 pm
. "If you're a bad shooter, the NTL Shooting Clinic will make you a better shooter. If you're already pretty good, Steve Bzomowski will fine tune your shot, balance and release ..." - Rob, 37, Director of Product Marketing -

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