Self Assessment Guide & FAQs


I want to sign-up for one of your weekly programs, but how do I know what level I am?


Let us answer that question by describing the skills (or lack thereof) of the players in each of the weekly programs (a profile, if you will):


the game and everything involved in it is basically new to them;
can’t make lay-ups or may not even know what a lay-up is;
know nothing about shooting;
have very little sense of the rules and, even, what the lines on the floor mean;
look at the ball the entire time while dribbling;
will make 1 out of 10 free-throws;
shows up wearing Adidas Energy Burst running shoes;
pronounce Celtics with a “K” sound;
burning desire to improve.


pretty much the same as the Beginner’s group except the time of the practices may fit into their schedules better;
maybe someone who has taken the Beginner’s program and is predisposed to upward mobility;
knows many of the rules;
making many of their strong hand lay-ups;
will follow the player he or she is guarding like a puppy on a pant leg;
will make 2-4 out of 10 free throws;
has strong desire to improve;
constantly muttering something about 7th grade gym class.


making nearly all their strong hand lay-ups;
making some off-hand lay-ups;
head bobs up and down while dribbling, but definitely trying to keep the head up;
beginning to understand that passing is more fun than shooting;
can score on a lay-up from a bounce pass;
beginning to communicate on the floor;
beginning to develop ball handling “moves”;
will make 3-6 free throws out of 10;
has desire to improve;
developing a sense of “spacing” with teammates;
has seen “Hoosiers” multiple times.


some graduates from the Beginner/Novice programs;
making nearly all their strong hand and off hand lay-ups in drills;
solid 5 out of 10 free throws;
don’t look at the ball much when dribbling;
look for cutters and post players on offense;
provide some help on defense;
have nearly developed a “go to” move;
has desire to improve;
come in with a little more than “a little” basketball experience;
Charlie Parker is not their favorite “Bird”.

basketball_icon-orangeIntermediate Plus:

claims to make all lay-ups in drills and games;
blows fair number of lay-ups in drills and games;
makes 5-7 free throws out of 10;
strong athleticism or good size may mask skill deficiencies (in other words, if you are really big or really fast and are not skilled hardly at all, you might be able to move right in here);
utilizes the bounce pass to good advantage;
can deliver the ball without hesitation to an open player;
can bring the ball upcourt against defensive pressure;
can pivot out of double teams;
has desire to improve;
considering a vacation to French Lick, IN.


honeymooned in French Lick;
“go to” moves in post and in transition and one-on-one;
knows what “pass and screen away” is;
will “roll” on a pick and roll;
will make 6-9 free throws out of 10;
will “finish” on break;
lack of skills is made up for by outstanding size or speed or strength;
lack of size or speed or strength is made up for by very good skills;
maybe played on high school team;
maybe played college intramurals;
maybe playing in leagues at present time;
has desire to improve;
know in their heart of hearts that shouldn’t have been cut from the team in high school.

Q: I live in Portland, Oregon. I’ve heard about NTL from friends who came to one of your weekend camps. When are you going to be opening programs here?

A: Soon, we hope. For instance, we plan to add San Francisco along with Chicago in early 2016. They’ll be structured much like our existing programs in Boston and New York City. We have a pretty good mail list in the Seattle and Washington DC areas as well and hope to add those cities, at the latest, spring 2015. (We’d be interested in any names of coaches or business partners from that or any other region, if you know of any!)

Q: Does NTL advise wearing mouthguards while playing?

A: Yes.

Q: Does NTL advise wearing goggles while playing?

A: Yes.

Q: Hey! What happens if I sign-up for one of the 12 week programs and I got hurt the second week or my work schedule changes or something else unavoidable happens so that I can’t finish out? Can I get my money back?

A: No, but if you ask, we’d be happy to extend a credit for the remainder of the practices you missed when you sign-up the next term. In other words, if you missed 6 of the 10 practices, sign-up next term for 10 and take your 16. Our generosity is matched only by ur humility.

Q: I signed up for the Sunday morning program and I like it a lot (Steve, the coach, isn’t nearly a humiliating as I’d heard), but I am going to miss some weeks. Can I make them up during the week at some of the other sessions which are at my level? I gotta have my hoops!

A: Don’t tell anyone, but the qualified answer is “yes”. Here is the deal though: first, we ask that you call and inquire about space availability; second, bring your own ball. Cool?

Q: Where has NTL been all my life? I mean, I coulda been a star!

A: Um, sorry. We were out playing basketball.

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